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  • A terminology is a set of key terms, whose meaning is critical to the business message of the source material. These are terms that have been carefully selected by the software developers, together with marketing and technical writing, and are in many cases listed in a separate reference. All appearances of these terms in the software and associated material is governed by strict rules from which no deviation is allowed.


    A translated terminology is often called a ��glossary��, although sometimes the terms are interchangeable. Just as the source-language terminology is rigidly controlled, so too the glossary.


    The terminology should be made available as near to the beginning of the localization project as possible. If updates are made, they should be made available to the translators at the earliest possible moment. Not always is this possible, but it must be attempted.


    Some companies have their own product marketing personnel both translate and approve the terminology. Other companies have the vendor translate the terminology, and then have their own product marketing personnel approve the translation. The important thing is that the glossary, more stringently than the remainder of the translated material, must undergo very careful translation, and must be approved by the assigned personnel.


    Vendors often charge more for terminology translation and charge an hourly rate for glossary maintenance. Check these rates with your vendor before you commence work.

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